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The Tribes and the States

Lessons on Social Continuity

The Concept of "Rights"

The Extent of Rights

Sidis mentions The Tribes and the States in Continuity News

Penacook Courier

Sidis mentions Penacook Courier in Continuity News

America's Search for Liberty in Song and Poem

Sidis mentions Song & Poem in Continuity News

Absolutist Conscientious Objector Writings, 1939-43

The Orarch

Sidis mentions Continuity News in The Orarch

The Libertarian




Continuity News

"A journal of current events presented on the basis of the theory of social continuity."

W. J. Sidis

(Parker Greene, pseudonym)

Twelve mimeographed (or hektographed) newsletters, 3 or  4 pages each,  found in Helena Sidis's files in 1977. Issues 5, 9, and 11 have not yet been found, and there may have been two more issues Aug., and Sept., 1939. In October 1939, Sidis began publishing The Orarch.

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