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...Pocasset (Corbitant, Caunbatant, Weetamoo), Pokanoket (Montaup, Sowam),...
Description: In 1600 the Wampanoag probably were as many as 12,000 with 40 villages divided roughly...
Category: Society > Ethnicity > ... > Tribes Nations and Bands > W > Wampanoag - Cached - 35k - GoogleScout
...subjects of a squaw-sacheni named Weetamoo, who had formerly been the..., one would have supposed that Weetamoo would have been among the...
Cached - 37k - GoogleScout

Massasoit book page 10
...Namumpum, alias Tatapanum, alias Weetamoo, the wife of Wamsutta, alias...
...the English called "Ben." While Weetamoo was thus associated in the... - Cached - 12k - GoogleScout
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Clip and File Reviews
...Here are stories of the warrior Weetamoo, a female leader of the... - Cached - 59k - GoogleScout
...three weeks. Another was Wattimore [Weetamoo] with whom I had lived and...
...old squaw, with whom my master was, Weetamoo's maid came to call me home,...
Cached - 100k - GoogleScout

Historical Native American Indian Children's Books: Non-Fiction
...but well-done biographies of Weetamoo, Geronimo, Will Rogers, Jim Thorpe,... - Cached - 15k - GoogleScout
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...Mountain...2870 Sandwich Mountain...3983 Mount Weetamoo...2548 Mount... - Cached - 9k - GoogleScout

The Inman Purchase in North Smithfield
...was Wootonekanuske, a sister of Weetamoo, the wife of Alexander. She,... - Cached - 76k - GoogleScout

Weetamoo Woods 1
...[Home] [Guestbook] Weetamoo Woods Tiverton, Rhode Island [About...
...Bird Songs] [Related Books] About Weetamoo Woods Named for the Indian... - Cached - 8k - GoogleScout

baby names - Weetamoo
... Weetamoo The name of Weetamoo creates an overly-sensitive nature...
...centre in those areas of the body. Weetamoo, the brief analysis of this... - Cached - 4k - GoogleScout

...courtesy of the Friends Of The Weetamoo The Steamboat WEETAMOO The...
...point to point around the lake. The WEETAMOO was built in 1902 by the... - Cached - 7k - GoogleScout

Parks and Hiking
...Tiverton Open sunrise to sunset Weetamoo Woods East Road, Lake Road... - Cached - 7k - GoogleScout
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NBNI "W" Girls Names
...Waylahskise Waynoka Weayaya Wednesday Weeko Weetamoo Wehinahpay Wenda... - Cached - 8k - GoogleScout

Indianie - co warto przeczytać?
...wersja z 01.03.1997 Nancy Lurie: Weetamoo i jej czasy (1638-1676) ... - Cached - 17k - GoogleScout
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Rick's Link's flight site, a must see) The WEETAMOO pageInformation on diving the...
...the wreck of the steamboat Weetamoo in New Hampshire's Lake Sunapee... - Cached - 61k - GoogleScout

...settlement outside New London. Weetamoo Wheat - Made with just a hint of...
...original steam ships on Lake Sunapee Weetamoo Raspberry Wheat - Our... - Cached - 8k - GoogleScout

Native People
...Plymouth by way of Pocasset to see Weetamoo, Queen Sachem. She was...
...Coubatant. (28) (29) NEHG 54:161 [Weetamoo: A New England Queen Of The... - Cached - 56k - GoogleScout

Hammond Tr to Liberty Tr to Chocorua
...1/1/2000 Conditions: Minimal ice up to Weetamoo Tr, then increasing ice...
...Equipment: Instep crampons used after Weetamoo, then all the way to... - Cached - 4k - GoogleScout


Indians of The Southeast; Juvenile & Professional Bibliography
...Scholastic, 1996. 322p. Includes Weetamoo, Geronimo, Will Rogers, Jim... - Cached - 43k - GoogleScout

PAL:Mary White Rowlandson (1637?-1711)
..."'A Severe and Proud Dame She Was': Weetamoo and the Mother Superior as... - Cached - 10k - GoogleScout

NATURE AREAS: The natural world
...Kingstown. 364-9124. Daily dawn-dusk. Weetamoo Woods, Tiverton, east of... - Cached - 9k - GoogleScout

Homes Climb the high rocks of the Weetamoo Woods, a 450-acre refuge of... - Cached - 12k - GoogleScout
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chocorua_hiking approximately .6 miles. The Weetamoo Trail turns off to the left at .8... - Cached - 12k - GoogleScout

Contemporary Native American Indian Children's Books: Biographies and Educator,
...but well-done biographies of Weetamoo, Geronimo, Will Rogers, Jim Thorpe,... - Cached - 15k - GoogleScout

BJ's Outing Diary for 1997
...Piper Trail a short distance to the Weetamoo trail which we took back... - Cached - 30k - GoogleScout

...long. Soon, the trail passed the Weetamoo trail junction, and another... - Cached - 3k - GoogleScout
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Mary Rowlandson
...division. Their names were Quanopen and Weetamoo (Andrews, 1990). They... - Cached - 16k - GoogleScout

Seton, William -- Seton, William, LL. D.: in University of Michigan Making of
...vol. 72, iss. 428. Seton, William, Weetamoo. Catholic World, vol. 33,... - Cached - 8k - GoogleScout

LANGUAGE POETRY AND THE LYRIC SUBJECT be her very palpable present. Weetamoo, "squaw-sachem of the... - Cached - 89k - GoogleScout

Ecology, RI Family Guide
...field habitat, butterfly garden Weetamoo Woods, Tiverton - (401)624-2105... - Cached - 17k - GoogleScout

...recycled plastic benches. Tiverton - Weetamoo Woods $1,500 toward... - Cached - 8k - GoogleScout

Activities  in and near the Coastal Villages
...Coastal Village Area. 72. (B-2) Weetamoo Woods - East Rd (Rt 179)... - Cached - 6k - GoogleScout

Boston Globe Online / Calendar / Day Trips
...marsh to Jack's Island Beach. And for Weetamoo Woods, from Four Corners,... - Cached - 24k - GoogleScout

All (in this database) Lepidoptera list (Scientific names)
...(Anisynta), see Herimosa albovenata weetamoo (Polites), see Polites... - Cached - 63k - GoogleScout

Mary Rowlandson: Selected Bibliography
...“'A Severe and Proud Dame She Was': Weetamoo and the Mother Superior as... - Cached - 12k - GoogleScout

GORP - White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire - Mt. Chocura Hiking
...comes at approximately .6 miles. The Weetamoo Trail turns off to the left... - Cached - 18k - GoogleScout

Newport Chamber of Commerce
...dedicated 480 acres of open space in Weetamoo Woods and 80 acres of open... - Cached - 5k - GoogleScout

APS Indian Guides
...Indian Reservation, Kent, Conn.); "Weetamoo Swimming the Matapoiset, " an... - Cached - 36k - GoogleScout


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