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June, 1930

W. J. Sidis

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June, 1930



                A projected membership association, to be organised for general production and distribution purposes, and owned and controlled by a membership consisting of a federation of the Association's own employees.


                A committee for organising the Geprodis Association.


                A group of preliminary and experimental business units and services to be taken over by the Geprodis Association when the latter is organised.


                A monthly news bulletin giving news of the activities of Geprodis System and of the Geprodis organising Committee.

                Issued by Geprodis System, under the auspices of Geprodis Organising Committee, at 112 West 119th St., New York, N.Y.

                Editor, William J. Sidis. Assistant Editor, Joseph J. Resnick

                Subscription rate, $1.00 per year.




                One of the chief units of the Geprodis System, which is the group of present actually operated units pledged to the future Geprodis Association, is the Geprodis Perpetual Calendar, a simple perpetual calendar giving, at a single turn of a wheel, the complete condensed calendar for any year desired. It is one of the simplest of all such articles, if not the very simplest, is entertaining as well as useful, and sells for only 10.

                Geprodis System has, however, till now had no systematic outlet for this handy little article, and it is surprising that, in view of that fact, over 500 calendars have been sold, with practically no direct effort at sale. Of course, Geprodis System is seeking outlets, and we are fortunate in being able to announce a distribution station for canvassers in Boston.

                This station is located at M. Andelman's Book Store, 264 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. It is located not far from the central business section of the city, and is conveniently accessible from all parts of the Boston metropolitan district.

                An advertisement was placed in the Boston Sunday Globe for June 8, giving Andelman's store as the place where they were to call. The G.O.N. has as yet not received information as to results of this advertisement, but it is hoped that in this way some canvassers will be obtained who could sell the Geprodis Perpetual Calendar in office buildings in Boston.

                This distribution station is not acting as a branch of Geprodis System, but as a commission agent, receiving a commission for the sale of calendars. The calendars can also be had there for 10. Canvassers buy supplies at the rate of 5 per calendar and sell them for 10.

                Does anyone have suggestions as to establishing similar stations in other large cities? Such a station would also be welcome in New York, even though that is the location of our own headquarters. In the meantime, canvassers are wanted in New York as well as in Boston; those in Boston should apply to Andelman's Book Store, 264 Tremont St.; those in New York should inquire of the G.O.N. Editor at 112 W.119 St., preferably about 6 P.M.


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