W. J. Sidis



"I am now writing something that I am entitling The Peace Path, on the old courier system and the many ramifications of its consequences in modern life. It seems to be rapidly developing toward book length, and it seems to have interested the few people who have had a chance to read as much of the manuscript as I have gotten ready so far."Letter to Julius Eichel, Tuesday, October 12, 1943

"I might have something on Anne Hutchinson, the Puritan martyr who suffered for the right to knock respected leaders. She was my inspiration in the "censorship strike"; I have often looked at the old site of her house; and she has rated about three pages of "The Peace Path."Letter to Julius Eichel, Thursday, December 9, 1943

MS fragment, 1 page, presumedly unpublished, found in Helena Sidis's files, 1977.