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Materials Held by the Sagall Family

Dr. Elliot L. Sagall, a relative of Sidis, was a major figure in the founding of
the medico-legal field. He was a founding editor of the Medico Legal Journal,
and was one of the first to earn both an M.D. and J.D. from Harvard.


Contents of two boxes of WJS materials held by Dr. Sagall

Box 1

patent for calendar

misc. papers on Indians

little book of photos of transfers (photographed)

second patent for calendars

Constitution for Proposed Geprodis Association

Libertarian folder (Letters from Eichel & others, CO [conscientious objector] material)

letters to the "Transfer Collector"

Peridromophile Federation Folder (all correspondence re transfers)

Geprodis railroad station material (dates, times, etc. - not copied)

Syllabus Program & Draft Constitution of the Geprodis Association

more correspondence

American Independence Society

manila envelope with regular envelopes of transfers inside (not copied)

1 copy of the Conscientious Objector, Oct. 1942

Tribes & States, first section

America's Search for Liberty in Song & Poem -- 13 copies (not copied)

more correspondence, plus copyright to Notes on Transfers

misc. perp. calendars, booklets on transportation (not copied)


Box 2

blocks for imprint of perpetual calendar (not copied)

letter from Helena [his sister]

Article of JS in Saturday Review

2 Sidis Psychotherapeutic Institute catalogs (not copied)

more Indian papers

misc. maps & indecipherable symbols (not copied, tho some maps photographed)

book - Gregg Shorthand Dictionary

newsletter - The Transfer Collector - 2

book -- Russian/English Dictionary (not copied)

A play by Moliere in Russian (not copied)

Peridromophile correspondence

misc. transfer material

Pickwick Papers in Russian (not copied)

book - guide to American Esperanto (not copied)

Geprodis Code of Geprodis Procedure

Civil Service State misc. folder

correspondence- "General projects - Recognition"

letters to patent office wuth ammendments to calender patent

Harvard degree

black bound book w. code to Geprodis


Geprodis guides scattered throughout both boxes


2nd & 3rd pages-------------------------------------

(See also Notes on the Collection of Transfers.)

Transfers -- where they're from, and idea of the proportions of how many he had from each place (for the one quarter of the transfers I went through):


NYC - 1 book and a few misc.

* Philadelphia & PA: 60+

Chautaqua, NY: 1

MD: 1 bk + 11

Boston & MA: 1 bk + 20

St. Louis: 15

Conn.: 1

SF & CA: 30

LA: 22

Detroit: 1

Iowa: 1

Ohio: 2

Georgia: 1

Milwaukee: 1 bk



Germany-- Hamburg, Berlin, etc.: 50

Russia: 5 or 10

Greece (?):1

Chekoslovakia (?): 1

France: 2


Tokyo: 2


4 bags of transfers

Geprodis Transit Guide to the following places: (one for Brooklyn included in copied material as an example):

District of Columbia, incl. Arlington & Alexandria VA (plus one or just Arlington and Alexandria VA)

Staten Island, NY


Brooklyn -- 4

Albany & Rensselaer

nw suburbs of Boston

Milwaukee, WI

Bronx, NY

Worcester, MA - 2

Quincy, MA


Springfield, MO  (preliminary material)

Wakefield                   "                 "

Weymouth                  "                 "

Stoneham                   "                 "

Saugus                       "                 "

Woburn                       "                 "

Braintree                    "                 "

Winchester                 "                 "


Melrose, Reading, etc.  (MA)

NYC - 2


Lynn, MA - 2

Milton, (MA?)

"Out of town material"

Newton & Waltham

Newark, NJ

NJ - Hudson County

Milwaukee (WI again?)

Boston Region