W. J. Sidis

Correspondence re The Tribes and the States


Julius Eichell Peace Collection, Swathmore Univ., PA




197 Warren Ave.
Boston, Mass
[Sunday,] Aug. 4, 1935.

       I have sent you a copy of the first installment of the Tribe's pamphlet "The Tribes and the States." Not my pamphlet, but the Tribe's
compiled and edited by the Okamakammessets, and issued by the American Independence Society. The charge is 50, but no real hurry.

       I am sorry I have no better news to report so far. Took another Civil Service exam, and was informed that I passed the state clerical exam, and I am No. 254
not so encouraging.

      The Independence Society is getting together a new one
a collection  of poems  of American Liberty.  I heard also last week that the "Tribe" is planning to get out its history in a new forma monthly issue, each time to be dated some past date and describing the history of that time as current news.

        Sorry things are going worse over in N.Y.  Better luck for next time!

                                                   W. J. Sidis

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197 Warren Ave.
Boston, Mass
[Wednesday,] Aug. 14, 1935

        I have got hold of three more copies of "The Tribes and the States," and sent them to you, as you ordered. I do wish it to be understood that, as the pamphlet states in the introduction, it is not to be considered to be the work of any individual, but of an organisation. I may have helped on it, but I certainly do not want to be considered the author, as there are lots of things there I would not care to take personal responsibility for; so please do not represent the pamphlet to anyone as my work.

        That tribal organisation just surprised me by sending―from some place in New Hampshire I never heard of before, an historical newspaper written in American, and which seemed to be good and exciting stuff. Hope they can keep it up.

                                                           Yours truly,

                                                                       W. J. Sidis


Sidis mentions the pamphlet in Continuity News, Feb., 1939.

"The following mimeographed pamphlets may be ordered through Continuity News: The Tribes and the States (a new version of American history), 50. per section. These sections are now ready, covering history to 1689."