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Notes on the Collection of Transfers

W. J. Sidis



        The following will indicate sub-system notation used with the system notation in Appendix A. These forms of notation are given simply to indicate how such notation may be made up.

1Ai. Boston Elevated Railway system.

(1) Street surface lines.

(2) Rapid transit (subway and elevated) lines.

1Aiii. Eastern Massachusetts Street Railway system.

(1) Lines north of Boston.

(2) Lines south of Boston.

2Ai. New York Railways system.

Main Subsystem: New York Railways Company (no special notation).

H. New York and Harlem Railroad (traction lines).

EA. Eighth Avenue Railroad.

NA. Ninth Avenue Railroad.

2Aii. Third Avenue Railway system.

(1) Manhattan Lines, including:

Third Avenue Railway Company.

Forty-second Street, Manhattanville, and St. Nicholas Avenue Railway Company.

Belt Line Railway Corporation.

Dry Dock, East Broadway, and Battery Railway Company.

(2) Bronx Lines, including:

Union Railway Company.

New York City Interborough Railway Company. Southern Boulevard Railroad.

(3) Westchester Lines, subdivided into:

C. New York, Westchester, and Connecticut Traction Company.

W. Westchester Electric Railroad Company.

Y. Yonkers Railroad Company.

(4) Steinway Railways of Long Island City.

2Av Interborough Rapid Transit Company.

(1) Elevated lines.

(2) Subway lines.

2Avi. Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit system.

(1) New York Consolidated Railway, now New York Rapid Transit Corporation.

(2) Brooklyn Heights Railroad Company.

(3) Nassau Electric Railroad Company.

(4) Brooklyn, Queens County, and Suburban Railroad Company.

(5) Coney Island and Brooklyn Railroad Company.

(6) South Brooklyn Railroad Company.

(7) Van Brunt Street and Erie Basin Railroad Company.

(8) Coney Island and Gravesend Railroad Company.

2Axi. Long Island Electric system.

(1) Long Island Electric Railway Company.

(2) New York and Long Island Traction Company.

2Ci. Atlantic City and Shore system.

(1) Atlantic City and Shore Railroad Company.

(2) Central Passenger Railway Company.

2Di. Public Service Railway system.

(1) Lines north of Trenton.

(2) Lines south of Trenton.

2Ji. United Traction Company.

(1) Albany lines.

(2) Troy lines.

2Giv. Wilmington and Philadelphia Traction system.

(1) Wilmington lines.

(2) Chester lines.

(3) Media lines.


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