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Notes on the Collection of Transfers

W. J. Sidis



        The following indicates some lists of company numbering and lettering as appearing on street cars:

In Philadelphia (Phila. Rapid Transit Company)

2.  15th & 16th Streets 40. Lombard and South
3.  Frankford―12th & 13th 41. Market―Overbrook
4.  Lehigh―6th & 7th 42. West Spruce Street
5.  Frankford―2nd & 3rd 43. Spring Garden Street
6.  Huntington & Cumberland 44. Lansdowne―Arch

7.  Strawberry―4th & 5th

45. Hog Island
8.  Dauphin & Susquehanna 46. 58th & 60th Streets
9.  Strawberry―4th & 5th 47. Olney―8th & 9th
10. Lancaster―Subway 48. Fairmont―Arch
11. Woodland―Subway 49. Glenside
12. Grays Ferry 50. Fox Chase―4th & 5th
13. Chester Avenue 51. Columbia―8th & 9th
14. 42nd Street 52. Chelton Avenue
15. Girard Avenue 53. Wayne Ave.―12th & 13th
16. North 19th & 20th 54. Lehigh Avenue
17. South 19th & 20th 55. York Road―10th & 11th
18. South 22nd & 23rd 57. Jefferson & Master
19. Luzerne―6th & 7th 58. Torresdale Avenue
20. 12th & 13th Sts. 59. Bustleton
21. North 17th & 18th 60. Allegheney Avenue
22. Doylestown 61. Manayunk
23. Germantown Ave.―10th &11th 62. Darby―Chester Extension
24. York Road―15th & 16th 63. Catherine & Bainbridge
25. Dauphin―2nd & 3rd 64. Federal & Wharton
29. Morris & Tasker 65. York Road―4th & 5th
30. Haverford―Vine 70. 52nd―Bala
31. Market― Haverford 71. Darby―Media
32. South 17th & 18th 72. Moores
33. Hunting Park―19th & 20th 73. Bridesburg
34. Baltimore―Subway 74. Hatboro
35. 52nd―Parkside 75. Olney Avenue
36. Elmwood Avenue 76. Darby―Chester
37. Chester Short Line 77. Middleton
38. Baring―Subway 78. Lansdowne

79. Snyder Avenue

        BUSES (lettered)

80. Oregon Avenue
A. Roosevelt Boulevard 81. Passyunk Avenue


In Buffalo (International Railway)

1.  William 14. Abbott Road
2.  Clinton 15. Seneca
3.  Grant 16. South Park
4.  Broadway 17. Elk
5.  Niagara 18. Jefferson
6.  Sycamore 19. Bailey Avenue
7.  Hoyt 20. Elmwood
8.  Main 21. Michigan―Forest
9.  Kenmore 22. Connecticut
10. West Utica 23. Fillmore―Hertel
12. East Utica 24. Genessee
13. Kensington 25. Best


In Los Angeles (Los Angeles Railway)

A. W. Adams & Lincoln Park L. W. 11th & Lincoln Park
B. Brooklyn & Hooper M. Moneta and Grand
C. Angeleno & Crown Hill N. East 2nd & West 9th 
D. West 6th Street O. South Main Street
E. Eagle Rock & Hawthorne P. West Pico & East First
F. Hoover & E. 4th R. W. 3rd & Whittier Blvd.
G. Griffith & Griffin S. San Pedro & Western Ave.
H. Heliotrope & Maple T. Temple Street
I. West First Street U. University & Central
J. W. Jefferson V. Vernon & Vermont
K. E. Jefferson & 38th W. Washington & Garvanza

In Hartford (Connecticut Company)

A. Elizabeth Park N. Rainbow
B. West Hartford O. Springfield
C. Prospect Ave. P. New Britain
D. Capitol Ave. Q. Elmwood
E. Unionville R. Cedar Hill
F. Ashley Street S. Barbour Street
G. Asylum Ave. T. Blue Hills
H. East Hartford U. Wethersfield
I. Bloomfield Ave. V.  Glastonbury
J. Broad Street W. Franklin Ave.
K. Zion Street X. Rockville
L. Vine Street Y. South Manchester
M. Middletown Z. Rockville Interurban

        The above is remarkable for using all the letters of the alphabet. The Connecticut Company uses a separate lettering system in practically every large city served by it, such as Stamford, Bridgeport, Norwalk, New Haven, Waterbury, Meridan.

In San Francsco (Municipal Railway of S. F.)

A. Geary Street F. Stockton Street
B. Ocean Beach H. Van Ness Avenue
C. CaliforniaGeary  J. Church Street
D. Presido K. Ingleside (Market St.)
E. Union Street L. Taraval Street


        These examples will suffice to indicate company numbers and letters as appearing on cars themselves. In some systems, however, company numbers and letters of routes appear only on transfer tickets. We give some examples.

In Manhattan Borough, N. Y. City (N. Y. Railways Co.)

  2. Lexington Avenue 18. 14th St. Crosstown
  5. Sixth Avenue 19. 23rd St. Crosstown
  6.  Seventh Avenue 21. 34th St. Crosstown
  7. Broadway―7th Avenue 23. 116th St. Crosstown
17. 8th St. Crosstown 25. Columbus & Lenox Ave.
17A. 8th & 10th Sts. 26. Spring & Delancey


Third Avenue Railways System (New York City)
(1) Manhattan Lines

  1. 3rd & Amsterdam Ave.   8. Grand Street
  2. Broadway Branch Line 10. 42nd St. Crosstown
  3. Tenth Avenue 12. 110th St. Crosstown
  4. Avenue B 13. 125th St. Crosstown
  5. Kingsbridge Line 14. Broadway & 145th St.
  6. P. O. Brooklyn 15. 59th St. Crosstown

(2) Bronx Lines

  1. Webster Ave. 17. Sedgwick Avenue
  3. Boston Road 18. Crosstown
  4. Westchester Ave. 19. Crosstown
  5. Southern Boulevard 21. Tremont Avenue
  7. University Ave. 22. Clason Point
  8. Kingsbridge Line 23. Fordham Road Crosstown
  9. Morris Avenue 25. Bronx-Van Cortlandt Parks
11. St. Anns Avenue 28. Fort Schuyler
12. Williamsbridge 31. Morris Park Ave.
13. 138th St. Crosstown 34. Ogden Avenue
14. 149th St. Crosstown 35. Pelham Bay Park
15. St. Anns Avenue 38. Willis Ave.
16. 161-163rd St. Crosstown

(3) Yonkers Lines

1. Mount Vernon 4. Broadway―Park Ave.
2. Tuckahoe  5. McLean―Riverdale Ave.
 3. Broadway―Warburton 6. Nepera Park

(4) Queens Lines
(Also on New York and Queens Country Railway)

  1. Flushing   8. Flushing Ave.
  2. College Point   9. Jamaica
  3. Corona 10. Broadway
  4. Steinway 11. Bridge Shuttle
  5. Dutch Kills 12. College Point Shuttle
  6. Calvary 13.Jackson Ave.
  7. Ravenswood

In Northern New Jersey (Public Service Railway line north of Trenton)

  1. Newark Ave. Belt 35. Roseville
  2. College Point 36. Central
  3. Corona 37. Bergen Street
  7. Greenville 38. Clifton
  8. 22nd St. Bayonne 39. Springfield
  9. 5th St. Bayonne 40. Kinney
11. Oakland 41. Kearney
14. Willow 42. Mount Prospect
15. Grove 44. Bloomfield
17. Summit 46. South Orange
19. Union Hill 47. Montrose
20. West Hoboken 50. Harrison
22. Passaic 52. Market
24. Bergen 58. Hudson River
26. Newark 60. Main
28. Chapel 70. Elizabeth
29. Hackensack 71. Union
31. Broad 78. Easton
33. Paterson 81. Trenton
34. Orange 86. Perth Amboy

        There is a separate numbering for lines of the same system south of Trenton, thus making it convenient to consider Trenton as the point of separation between two sub-systems.


On Staten Island, New York City (municipal cars)

  1. Richmond   4. Manor Road
  2.Silver lake   5. Midland  Branch
  3. Concord   

        The above are samples of the numbering and lettering appearing on cars or transfers or both. Note that in very few of these cases is the numbering or lettering continuous, and usually there are a few outstanding unnumbered or unlettered lines. We may mention the following systems as using these devices (each system being denoted as in Appendix A):

1Fi. Numbers on transfers only.
1Gi. Similar to 1Fi. 
1Li. Letters on cars only, in some cities. Each city has separate lettering notation.
2Ai. Numbers on transfers only, on main sub-system.
2Aii. Numbers on transfers only, each sub-system separately.
2Aiv. Numbers on buses and on transfers.
2Ax. Numbers on transfers only, before June 1923.
2Axii. Numbers on transfers only.
2Bii. Numbers on buses only.
2Di. Numbers on transfers only; separately for each side of Trenton.
2Fi. Numbers and letters, on cars only.
2Gi. Numbers on cars and letters on buses; also on transfers.
2Giv. Numbers on cars only; separate for each city.
2Hii. Numbers and letters on cars only in some cities.
2Ji. Numbers on cars only; separate notation for each city.
2Mi. Numbers on cars and transfers.
2Pi. Numbers on cars; different sets of numbers on transfers.
3Ai. Numbers on cars and transfers.
4Ai. Numbers on cars only.
4Mii. Numbers on buses only.
4Pii. Numbers on cars only.
4Ui. Numbers on transfers and cars.
4Uii. Numbers on cars only.
6Aii. Numbers on buses only.
8Ai. Numbers on cars and transfers.
9Ai. Numbers on cars and transfers.
9Aii. Letters on cars only.
9Aiv. Numbers and letters on cars and transfers.
9Bi. Letters on cars and transfers.
9Bii. Numbers on buses in some cities.
9Biii. Numbers and letters on cars only.
9Biv. Numbers on buses and transfers.


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