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Friday, May 23, 1924


        I, the undersigned William James Sidis, of the city, county, and State of New York, do hereby, in consideration of the sum of four thousand dollars, to me this day paid by Sarah Mandelbaum Sidis, of the city of Portsmouth, county of Rockingham, and State of New Hampshire, release the said Sarah Mandlebaum Sidis, both personally and as administatrix of the estate of Boris Sidis of said city of Portsmouth from all claims I have against her or against said estate, whether for debts, converted property, injury, or for whatsoever other cause;

        And, in consideration of the above premises, I hereby promise, agree, and covenant not to sue the said Sarah Mandlebaum Sidis for any debts, torts, or other alleged causes of action arising out of my occurrence taking place now or heretofore; and I further agree, promise, undertake, and covenant to take no other steps whatever in collecting any such debts or other damages for any cause whatsoever so arising;

        Provided, however, that the said sum of four thousand dollars shall not be consideration for my release of my claims as heir or distributee of the estate of the said Boris Sidis; which release I have already given, and is covered by other considerations, receipt whereof I hereby acknowledge;

        And further provided, that this shall not be deemed to release persons other than the said Sarah Mandlebaum Sidis from claims arising from any cause whatever.

        In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty third day of May, nineteen hundred and twenty-four, in the city, county and state of New York.




        I hereby sell, transfer and assign to Sarah M. Sidis, personally, all my right and share in the personal estate of Boris Sidis, late of Portsmouth New Hampshire. This assignment is a part of a full settlement this day between me and Sarah M. Sidis.


Arthur F. Taylor


Herbert T. Kalmus





            Nov. 27, 1923                                                             Value of Sidis Institute


         Sept. 8, 1926


$42,342 = $458,581 in 2005.       

              April, 1925

$12,739 = $137,969 in 2005.  





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