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W. J. Sidis

1929 - 1930

[Both, presumedly unpublished, found in Helena Sidis's files, 1977.]









                To take effect on formation of Geprodis Manuscript Library. This contract is made between Geprodis System, on behalf of the protected Geprodis Manuscript Library, hereinafter called the Library, and as represented by its present owner and manager, William James Sidis; and hereinafter called the Author.

                The Author hereby gives the Library the right to exhibit for reference and to lend for circulation the manuscript entitled hereinafter called the Manuscript, under the following conditions:

                (1) The Library shall have the right to typewrite, hektograph, or mimeograph, or otherwise make further copies of the Manuscript, but not to print or publish it; and such copies so made, as well as the copies submitted by the Author, may be used for Library reference or circulation purposes exclusively, but not for sale.

                (2) The author guarantees that the Manuscript has never been published, that he is the author of said Manuscript, and that there are no impediments to his authority to grant the Library the rights given in this Contract.

                (3) The Author agrees to notify the Library in the event of the publication of the Manuscript, the Library agrees to discontinue the use of the manuscript for loan, reference, or circulation, as soon as possible after receipt of such notification; thereupon this Contract shall be terminated, and all copies of the Manuscript originally supplied by the Author shall be returned to him, and all additional copies may be disposed of by the Library in any manner, subject to the approval and consent of the Author.

                (4) The Author shall receive a royalty of then per cent (10%) of all proceeds obtained by the Library through the use of the Manuscript by loan or reference; such royalty shall be reckoned for each semi-annual period ending June 30 or December 31, and a statement and settlement thereof shall be made to the Author within one month after the end of each such semi-annual period. In case the Library grants special free or reduced rate borrowing privileges to any persons, the proceeds shall be reckoned for this purpose as though any borrowing under such privileges had been charged for at the regular rates for ordinary borrowers.

                (5) Should publication of the Manuscript result directly from its use and circulation through the Library, the Author shall pay the Library 20% commission on the royalty from said publication for the first year following publication, commission due as such royalties are received and within one month thereafter. This provision applies only if the Author has made a satisfactory publishing connection, and definitely as a result of its being read through the Library.

                (6) In the event of a change in ownership of the Library, all rights and duties of the Library under this Contract are transferred to the new owner or owners of said Library. Otherwise, this contract is assignable only by consent of both parties.

                (7) This Contract is terminable by either party on thirty days notice, in which event copies shall be disposed of as provided in Section 3 above.


Signed this       day of                               , 193 .

For Geprodis System


          _____________________               __________________
Owner and Manager                                 Author


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