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Six Letters and Three Postcards from William James to Boris Sidis

Source: Houghton Library, Harvard Univ.

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wpe6C.jpg (55095 bytes) Wed., Feb. 14, 1897?

wpe6.jpg (51182 bytes) Sat., Oct. 9, 1897

wpe5A.jpg (56586 bytes)
Thu., Oct. 28, 1897


j6a.jpg (55558 bytes) Tue., Jan., 31, 1899

j6a.jpg (55558 bytes) Thu., Sept., 11, 1902

wpe9.jpg (70987 bytes)
Thu., June 20, 1907

wpe6A.jpg (41229 bytes)

Three Postcards


Letter from Boris Sidis to William James

"It seems to me it's too sweeping a statement that there is no chance element in our life experience.
In fact, the opposite point of view could be taken and with greater force."


(See also The Sidis Story for more re Boris and Wm. James.)