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Boris Sidis, Ph.D.

Simon P. Goodhart, M.D.




THE case of double personality described in Part II is of great interest and is specially recommended to the reader's attention. This case has been investigated in the Pathological Institute of the New York State Hospitals. Sincere thanks are therefore due to Dr. Ira Van Gieson, the former Director of the Pathological Institute, for his broad-mindedness and liberality in affording facilities for, carrying on the investigation of the Hanna case.

            The work of Parts I and III covers a period of eight years. Out of the material accumulated by Dr. Sidis and his collaborators, some experiments and observations of functional psychopathic cases have been utilized in the last part of this volume. Another portion of the work of Parts I and III has been accomplished in the Psychopathological Laboratory of the New York Infirmary for Women and Children, and sincere thanks are therefore due to the Trustees and especially to Dr. Alexander Lambert and Julia B. de Forest.

            Thanks are also due to Dr. Walter B. Cannon, Assistant Professor in Physiology at Harvard Medical School, for reading the first three chapters of Part I, and especially to Dr. H. Linenthal for his valuable assistance, given in the reading of the proofs of this volume.


BORIS SIDIS, Brookline, Mass.

S. P. GOODHART, New York City 


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