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If you cannot find something at my site, then please refer to these fineweb pages:

Native American Genealogy

Cheyenne Genealogy Research

American Indians: A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications

The Plains and Emigrant Tribes of Kansas

Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College (Cloquet, MN), Web server

Resources for American Indian colleges, teaching, web pages.

Note: Mailing lists mentioned are not genealogy oriented. See

NativeWeb Home Page About Earth's indigenous peoples, mainly in the Americas. Future links will be added on Africa and Asia.

American Indian Studies, California State University, Long Beach  A site with many links to information about Native Americans, mostly in terms of their history, and culture. Includes files with Indian tribes that are recognized by the federal government, but not the actual census rolls, audio files of Native American songs, and much more. Includes Native Americans of Mexico and Central America.

Cherokee Genealogy Page This site has a query page and form to post your own query, info about the Cherokee-L mailing list, a large set of links to sites about Cherokee genealogy, and a bibliography of Cherokee genealogy and history books (some of which have links to where you can buy them.)

Cherokee Research file (Roots-L GENEALOG file)

Cherokee National Historical Society  Includes a listing of genealogy books at

Cherokee Cousins - Cherokee Genealogy, Language, Culture  This site will look up your surname(s) on the Miller roll for
$3.00/requested surname. Site also has a listing
of books about Cherokee research.

History of the Cherokee Many links for Cherokee history.

United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians WWW

Alabama Creek Family

Oneida Indian Nation of NY

Osage Research Home Page Research about the Osage, not necessarily their genealogy.

Freedmen Members of the Five Civilized Tribes


Native American Mailing Lists

226 Links to Native Peoples

Aboriginal Links

American Indian History

First Nations

Native American Resources

Native American Resources on the Internet

Native American Sites

Native American Story Circle

Native Web

Spiritual Websites


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