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W. J. Sidis

[Ten mimeographed newsletters, most consisting of two pages, some archived in the Eichel Papers of the Swarthmore College Peace Collection, the rest in Helena Sidis's files, 1977.]

"Orarchy means limited government―limited in powers and jurisdiction.
Get used to thinking in terms of Orarchy, not Democracy."―W. J. Sidis


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Comment from reader: "I just read the front page of "The Orarch" and noticed Sidis's statement about granting to others all rights which you would have them
grant to you. I believe this idea is the thesis of "A Theory of Justice"
by John Rawls. He seems to use it as a social contract. It would seem
quite possible that this principle is one of those that Sidis discovered
but for which he received no credit.
C. J. D.




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